The Evolution of Chinese Cyber Offensive Operations and Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)


The increasing level of confrontation evident in global affairs and competition between different political philosophies are being fought across a broad spectrum of diplomatic, informational, military, and economic areas. Russia, China, and Iran are just three examples of nations which represent alternative forms of government and governance that have employed both kinetic and non-kinetic tools to achieve influence and to compete with the interests of other nations and political ideologies. This paper focuses on the employment of Chinese cyber offensive operations to achieve strategic objectives in the Southeast Asian region, aligned to the Made in China 2025 and 14th Five Year Plans. It examines the structure and nature of Chinese cyber operations as they have evolved over the past seven years.

The Persuasion Game: Serious Gaming Information Warfare and Influence


In an age of hybrid, asymmetric, and non-linear conflict, the role of Information Operations has become increasingly important. This paper presents a research project examining ways of better enabling stakeholders to respond to the increasing use of influence in warfare, in hybrid conflict, in competition, and in the realms of hard and soft politics. The project consisted of an international, cross-sector research group that drew on military, government, academic, and industry expertise in order to understand the best way to employ wargame influence. The use of wargaming as a training/research tool is familiar in military and civil contexts; the project discussed presents a truly innovative approach to influence studies, and shows the benefits of an interdisciplinary, cross-domain research team.

Africa’s Contribution to Academic Research in Cybersecurity: Review of Scientific Publication Contributions and Trends from 1998 to 2018


Contributions of scientific knowledge in cybersecurity are made by researchers glob- ally, where the focus and scope differ based on the development and challenges in cybersecurity faced by each country. This study examines the publication contributions and trends of African re- searchers in the field of cybersecurity for a period of 20 years (1998 to 2018). 

Understanding and Assessing Information Influence and Foreign Interference


The information influence framework was developed to identify and to assess hostile, strategy-driven, state-sponsored information activities. This research proposes and tests an analytical approach and assessment tool called information influence and interference to measure changes in the level of strategy-driven, state-sponsored information activities by the timeliness, specificity, and targeted nature of communications as well as the dissemination tactics of publicly available information. 

Using Values-Based Cultural Data to Shape Information Operations Strategies


People are important: they design, use, and defend information systems, and are the targets of ‘softer’ information operations. People can be understood from many different perspectives, including national culture characteristics, personality traits, and cultural history. An intriguing research question to explore is how values, beliefs, and cultures affect the design, strategy, and implementation of information operations.

Dissuasion, Disinformation, Dissonance: Complexity and Autocritique as Tools of Information Warfare


This paper argues that the cyber terrain offers opportunities for developing strategies and tactics of information warfare which are based on the techniques already deployed by anti- establishment actors: détournement, satire, and the appropriation and subversion of pre-existing media artefacts. It also argues that the inherent complexity, diversity, and apparent anarchy of the online realm aids, rather than threatens, the effective exercise of influence. Finally, it contends that information warfare and influence must be conducted through media, which are integral to the experience of the intended targets, and suggests that recent developments in gaming merit investigation.

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