Volume 17, Issue 4

Volume 17, Issue 4 Editorial

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Fall 2018

Information has always been regarded as an element of power. Too often, however, it has been seen as an enabling or supporting component rather than as the mission-critical element it frequently is in conducting operations. Indeed, the very nature of modern-day operations, with its persuasive and never-ending 24-7 global media coverage, has time and again demonstrated the need for actors and nation-states to utilise all the tools or elements of power at their disposal. To be sure, information must be considered a vital compo- nent in any sort of influence type of operations.

Automating Aspects of Forensic Case Management


The forensics community has invested considerable effort in the development of tools in support of the different stages of a digital investigation. However, the main focus has been on the development of tools to capture data, or to support later forensic analysis in the sifting and sorting of large volumes of data in the search for information relating to specific system or user activities. 

Towards a Literature Review on Cyber Counterintelligence


For those connecting the dots, the threat landscape continues to affirm the necessity of having Cyber Counterintelligence (CCI) at the centre of cybersecurity efforts. Concurrent with the growing interest in CCI in corporate boardrooms and the corridors of governments, CCI is evolving from a field of academic enquiry to a distinctive academic sub-discipline. 

Conducting Investigations on the Dark Web


Recent years have seen the expansion of the dark web for use in criminal activity. The takedown of the Silk Road, and more recently Alphabay and Hansa, brought public attention to the dark side of the web, while law enforcement has the increased task of how to respond to criminal behaviour online.

On the Use of Ontology Data for Protecting Critical Infrastructures


Modern societies increasingly depend on products and services provided by Critical Infrastructures (CI). The Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems in charge of protecting these CIs usually collect and process data from specialised sources. However, they usually integrate only a small fraction of the whole data sources existing in the CI.

A Cultural Exploration of Social Media Manipulators


Internet social media sites enable the rapid and widespread production and dissemi- nation of propaganda. Although propaganda has a long history in warfare, the spreading of propaganda via social media is markedly different from past distribution methods. The authors investigated the relationships between state-affiliated actors who use social media to produce and distribute propaganda and their national cultural values.

Implications of Privacy & Security Research for the Upcoming Battlefield of Things


This article presents the results of a trend-scouting study on the applicability of contemporary information privacy and information security research in future defence scenarios in a 25-year-horizon. The authors sketch the expected digital warfare and defence environment as a‘Battlefield of Things’ in which connected objects, connected soldiers, and automated and autonomous sensing and acting systems are core elements. 

Behavioral Profiling for Transparent Verification in Cloud Storage Services


Security is still the most sensitive issue in cloud storage services as services remain accessible to users for prolonged periods following an initial (usually simple) authentication. This issue has led to an increased vulnerability to potential attacks and sensitive customer information being misused. To that end, this paper investigates behavioural profiling for continuous and transparent authentication and assesses the legitimacy of users while they interact with an example cloud service—Dropbox. 

Cyber-Securing Super Bowl 50: What Can a Live-Fire Football Match Teach Students about Becoming Better Cybersecurity Professionals?


The rise and regularity of cybersecurity incidents have increased the demand for trained workforce professionals. Institutions of higher education have responded by including practical hands-on exercises such as capstones, labs, and simulated attack-and-defend ‘Capture-the-Flag’ scenarios. Many degree programs also encourage students to gain experience via internships. 

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