Volume 7, Issue 1

Volume 7, Issue 1 Editorial

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APRIL 2008

Welcome to the first edition of JIW for 2008. This year, as Bill Hutchinson is on leave, I have taken on the editorship and I wish to thank Bill for his continuing guidance and valuable advice.

Information Operations from an Asian Perspective: A Comparative Analysis


This article is a comparative study of the practice of state-sponsored influence activities in its various forms (namely propaganda, public diplomacy, psychological operations, public affairs, cyber warfare, electronic warfare and so on) in selected Asian countries (China, Taiwan, Thailand and Japan). It highlights the state of Asian development, differences in concepts, organization and application as compared to the Western models that today dominate discussions on information operations and influence activity.  By doing so, it provides alternative ways of approaching Information Operations (IO) that might contribute to the generation of challenges and solutions facing today’s policy makers. Finally, it will serve to broaden the body of knowledge in influence activities to include both Eastern and Western viewpoints. 

Safeguarding Australia from Cyber-terrorism: A Proposed Cyber-terrorism SCADA Risk Framework for Australia


In theory terrorist groups are currently using information and communication technologies (ICTs) to orchestrate their conventional attacks. More recently, terrorists have been developing a new form of capability within the cyber arena to coordinate cyber based attacks. This paper examines a cyber-terrorism SCADA risk framework. The paper proposes a high level managerial framework which is designed to measure and protect SCADA systems from the threat of cyber-terrorism within Australia.  

Caesar’s Military Deception at the Sambre River (57BC)


Notable historians believe the Nervii surprised Julius Caesar at the River(57 BC) in Belgica because Caesar had not taken precautionary defensive measures such as guarding the construction with an armed legion.  However, an examination of Caesar’s description opens the possibility that he baited the Nervii into attacking before their allies, the Aduatuci, could join them.  Further supporting this alternative theory are Caesar’s account of these events which  align with the six modern principles of military deception – focus, objective, centralized planning and control, security, timeliness, and integration.

Identity Theft the Next Generation of Fraud– How well are the Irish Protecting Themselves?


There have always been impostors who have pretended to be someone else for the purposes of theft or some other unlawful act. However with the increased use of information and communication technology (ICT) identify theft, the new way of talking about impostors, has enormously increased.  Identity theft is facilitated by the ubiquitous availability of the Internet and by the increasing tendency to store personal information digitally. As a result cyber crime has been growing rapidly and identity theft has become one of the fastest growing cyber crimes.  Combating this type of crime is not trivial and consumers, businesses, and governments need to take preventative measures to limit their potential exposure to this.  This paper focuses on consumer awareness of identity theft. The study uses an exploratory approach of measuring the self-reported behaviour of undergraduate students from different disciplines and age cohorts. These students were exposed to a number of identity theft preventative activities that were suggested by the US Federal Trade Commission.  The results are compared to a similar study carried in 2001 out by George R.M Milne.  Based on these findings, suggestions are made for improving consumer awareness of these crimes and future research is recommended.

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