Cyber Counterintelligence

Strategic Cyber Environment Management with Zero Trust and Cyber Counterintelligence


Organisations need to improve their information security practices, given the volume of successful cyberattacks and crimes. To enhance security in an organisation, information security must be considered a business issue, instead of a technical problem. Hence, organisations must change the security protocol from reactive action to proactive operation; must develop information security strategies that support the business; should implement better controls, systems, and services; and must create a process to proactively gather information about the possible threats and adversaries. This study proposes a novel method for combining a zero-trust strategy with cyber counterintelligence to gain the required security level and situational awareness to encounter modern threats.

A Cyber Counterintelligence Matrix for Outsmarting Your Adversaries


While Cyber CounterIntelligence (CCI) has been a distinctive specialisation field for state security structures internationally for well over a decade, recently there has been growing recognition of CCI’s significance to non-state actors. CCI is central to proactively mitigating cyber risk and exploiting opportunities. With the growing recognition of CCI’s significance comes an appreciation of its complexity. CCI is all about outthinking and outwitting adversaries. This article advances a conceptual matrix that can serve both as a high-level ‘pocket guide’ for outsmarting adversaries and as an aid to academic research.

Towards a Literature Review on Cyber Counterintelligence


For those connecting the dots, the threat landscape continues to affirm the necessity of having Cyber Counterintelligence (CCI) at the centre of cybersecurity efforts. Concurrent with the growing interest in CCI in corporate boardrooms and the corridors of governments, CCI is evolving from a field of academic enquiry to a distinctive academic sub-discipline. 

Dominating the Attacker: Use of Intelligence and Counterintelligence in Cyberwarfare


In the event of cyberwarfare the defender must harden the attacker’s target by secure design, a defined security perimeter, and a suite of tools. Indeed, the defender must be ever alert and ready to react to attack. Over many years, defenders in traditional warfare have learned to predict the style, magnitude and possible outcomes of a physical attack, and how to deceive and confuse an attacker with the objective of changing the outcome. Perhaps the cyberwarfare defender can take a similar approach, by employing intelligence and counterintelligence techniques that are superior to those of the attacker.

Cyber Counterintelligence: Back to the Future


It is generally accepted that conventional cyber security generally has failed.  As such, Cyber Counterintelligence (CCI) is fast gaining traction as a practicable approach to secure and advance our own interests effectively. To be successful, CCI should be an integral part of multi-disciplinary Counterintelligence (CI)–conceptually and in practice. With a view to informing sound CCI practice, this paper conceptualises CCI as a part of CI. It proceeds with going back to some time-tested CI constructs and applies these to the cyber realm. In so doing, this paper aims to offer a few building blocks toward a future of sound CCI theory and practice.

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