Volume 18, Issue 2

Volume 18, Issue 2 Editorial

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Spring 2019

As the owner of the JIW, Peregrine Technical Solutions, LLC., has also developed and successfully executed, the first registered DOL cyber apprenticeship in the nation (https:// augustafreepress.com/mcauliffe-announces-virginias-first-cybersecurity-apprenticeship-program), with the first nationwide cohort graduating in May 2019.  

National Cyber Security Sensor Networks and the Human in the Loop


Organisations recently started to exchange security relevant information on cyber incidents to timely mitigate the effects of newly discovered malware and other forms of cyberattacks. Moreover, state actors take over their role as information brokers through national cyber security centres and distribute warnings on new attack vectors and vital recommendations on how to mitigate them. Although many of these initiatives are effective to some degree, they also suffer from considerable limitations. When going beyond pure technical indicators, extensive human involvement is required to manually review, vet, enrich, analyse, and distribute security information until relevant information reaches a decision maker.

Big Data, Big Security, and Privacy Risks: Bridging Employee Knowledge and Actions Gap


The era of big data comes with critical security and privacy risks. As a counter, technical preventative measures are being deployed but are overlooking human weaknesses. Naïve employees may debilitate the technological security barriers. Employee awareness and education is mandatory to cultivate secure actions. However, literature highlights a gap between knowledge and actions.

Economic Information Warfare: Feasibility and Legal Considerations for Cyber-Operations Targeting Commodity Value Chains


With the increasing prevalence of cyberattacks and the drive for hyper-connected digital economies, there is a growing probability that national economies will be directly affected by cy- berattacks. There is also a growing consideration of vulnerabilities in the physical transportation infrastructure, which is comprised of a number of interlinking components that enable international trade in raw materials and consumer goods, known as commodity value chains.

Success Factors and Pitfalls in Security Certifications


Modern society is increasingly dependent on information systems. These systems have, however, vulnerabilities which open an attack route to the key functions of society, including critical infrastructures. There is increasing demand of assurance that the vulnerabilities are under control. Security certifications have been created to respond to this need.

Africa’s Contribution to Academic Research in Cybersecurity: Review of Scientific Publication Contributions and Trends from 1998 to 2018


Contributions of scientific knowledge in cybersecurity are made by researchers glob- ally, where the focus and scope differ based on the development and challenges in cybersecurity faced by each country. This study examines the publication contributions and trends of African re- searchers in the field of cybersecurity for a period of 20 years (1998 to 2018). 

Securing the Internet of Battlefield Things While Maintaining Value to the Warfighter


The unremitting use of legacy systems continues to compound risks to the information management environment. As legacy systems become increasingly obsolete, they inefficiently con- sume valuable resources such as data, power, space, and manpower. Additionally, from a cyberse- curity and reliability perspective; systems which have reached the end of their intended life cycles are more susceptible to corruption or interruption of services.

Towards the Development of a Neo4j Tool for Cloud Client Forensics


This article proposes the development of open-source client forensic artefacts’ knowl- edgebase that uses Neo4j as the graph database which allows for the prompt location of eviden- tial artefacts. The authors ran experiments to identify artefacts created when the commonly used devices are used to access some cloud storage services. 

South Africa and the Cyber Security Dilemma


With the rise of cyberattack as an instrument of state power, researchers are translating the international relations theory of the Security Dilemma into the cyber-domain, referred to as the Cyber Security Dilemma. Currently South Africa is expanding its national cyber-security posture under the mandate of the National Cybersecurity Policy Framework and the Cybercrimes Bill, which involve the growth of cyber-security capabilities for the military. 

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