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We have prepared this document to assist you as you prepare your articles for submission to the Journal of Information Warfare.

To begin with, please make sure that the proofing language for your article is set to Australian English (Select “Review” from the tabs at the top of the Word screen; then click on the “Language” icon, and select “English (Australia)”); however, take care to maintain the original spelling when quoting material or referring to a specific title, organisation, proper noun, etc. For instance, American English writers would use ‘defense’ while an Australian author would use ‘defence’; likewise, Finland has a ‘Defence Ministry’, but the U.S. has a ‘Department of Defense’.

JIW’s style sheet is adapted from the Harvard style, as detailed in the Snooks & Co. 6th edition of the Style manual for authors, editors and printers (2002). While many of our conventions follow Snooks to the letter, others do not. Authors should use the information above. If a question arises that is not addressed in this document, consult the Style manual or contact Marla Weitzman at or

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