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The Bundeswehr Command and Staff College Hamburg,

Thorsten Kodalle LTC (GS) lectures on security policy at the Command and Staff College of the German Armed Forces with a special focus on NATO, Critical Infrastructure, and Cyber. He has a diploma in Social Science, has had assignments as a youth information officer and in the MoD. He also lectures on management and leadership; and for several years, he has supported computer assisted exercises with constructive simulation at the Command and Staff College. He is a member of the NATO Research Task Group 129, Gamification of Cyber Defense/Resilience; an experienced facilitator of manual wargaming on the operational level for courses of action analysis, for operational analysis, operations research, serious gaming, and especially for matrix wargaming on the strategic/political level. He just attended Connections US 2019 and Connections UK 2019 to present his best practice approach on facilitating a matrix wargame in a Slack Workspace. His next project is the Gamification of Strategic Thinking in which players will experience agile strategic planning techniques in a 5-team competition (5x5=25 players experience); and the construction of a “Global Matrix Wargame” with a special focus on cyber warfare on the semantic level. You can reach Thorsten Kodalle on Linkedin:

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