Information Flow Aspects of Inter-organizational Crisis Management


The aim of this article is to increase understanding about the implications of information flow priorities for inter-organizational crisis management. The article presents the main results of a prior study that addressed the information requirements of high-level decision-making activities during a sudden crisis situation. The study identified priorities of retrieved and delivered information flows from the perspectives of information content and information update frequency needs. The results provide novel insights into information flow priorities for decision-making in crisis management. They show the most effective information categories to prioritize for decision-making in the context of inter-organizational crisis management.


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Department of Tactics and Operations Art, National Defence University, Chief Information Officer, Ministry of Defence, Helsinki

Dr. Tuija Kuusisto works as a chief information officer for Ministry of Defence in Finland. She is adjunct professor of information management for decision-making at National Defence University and adjunct professor of geo-informatics at Helsinki University of Technology in Finland. Her research area is information management for decision-making.

She has about 60 scientific publications in international and national journals, conference proceedings and books. She has over 10 years work experience in national and global software business and telecommunications industry and over 10 years work experience in local and national IT administration.

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Finnish Defence Forces Technical Research Center, Riihimäki, Finland;
Adjunct Professor, University of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä, Finland;

Adjunct Professor, National Defence University, Helsinki, Finland

Rauno Kuusisto works for Finnish Defense Forces. He is an adjunct professor at Jyväskylä University and National Defense University in Finland. His research area is information assurance.

Professor of Information Systems and Management, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California

Mark Nissen is Professor of Information Systems and Management at the Naval Postgraduate School. His research focuses on dynamic knowledge and organization. He views work, technology and organizations as an integrated design problem, and has concentrated recently on the phenomenology of knowledge flows, culminating in his second book entitled Harnessing Knowledge Dynamics: Principled Organizational Knowing & Learning (IRM Press, 2006). Mark’s publications span information systems, project management, organization studies, knowledge management and related fields. In 2000, he received the Menneken Faculty Award for Excellence in Scientific Research, the top research award available to faculty at the Naval Postgraduate School. In 2001 he received a prestigious Young Investigator Grant Award from the Office of Naval Research for work on knowledge-flow theory. In 2002 – 2003 he was Visiting Professor at Stanford, integrating knowledge-flow theory into agent-based tools for computational modelling. In 2004 he established the Center for Edge Power for multi-university, multidisciplinary research on what the Military terms command & control. Before his information systems doctoral work at the University of Southern California, he acquired over a dozen years' management experience in the aerospace and electronics industries.

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