Volume 4, Issue 1 Editorial

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February 2005

The fourth volume of the JIW has seven papers that reflect the variety of topics in the Information Warfare (Operations) discipline. The first by Geoffrey Darton explores the relationship of International Law and Information Warfare. Next Montgomery McFate takes us into the mysterious world of North Korea and examines the American perspective on the issues that could help influence operations with that state. Cecilia Andrews investigates belief systems and how belief networks can assist in Information Warfare strategies. Cameron Wells examines the differences between the US and Australian concepts of Network Centric Warfare.

The next two papers concentrate on more technical issues. EmikoTerado and Patricia Williams look at the security implications surrounding PDAs in a healthcare environment, whilst Schatz et al.,.,., look at classifying computer related crime. Finally, Norman Emery, an experienced professional, gives us his studied opinion on whether ‘cyber-terrorism’ really exists.

New chief editor joins

It is with great pleasure that I announce that Dr Craig Valli has agreed to share some of the work of the Chief Editor. Craig’s expertise in the areas of computer forensics and network/wireless security make him ideal to assess the more technical submissions received.

Special notice

On a sadder note, it has come to my belated knowledge this week of the death of Dr Bowyer Bell whose work in the area of deception was certainly an inspiration to me. I announce this with deep regret. I am sure the readership of JIW will extend their sympathy to his family and friends. If any of you are researchers in the area of deception, I would like to produce a special issue in this area of study and dedicated it to Bowyer Bell and his work.  If you are interested, please email me with your idea for a paper and I can get this organised.

Bill Hutchinson
Email: w.hutchinson@ecu.edu.au


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Associate Professor, School of Management Information Systems Edith Cowan University,

Professor Bill Hutchinson is now an honorary professor at the Security Research Institute at Edith Cowan University and an adjunct at Curtin University in the National Security department. He was formally the Foundation IBM Chair in Information Security, Director of SECAU (Security Research Centre) and was coordinator of the Information Operations and Security programmes at Edith Cowan University, Western Australia. Bill was the co-founder of the Journal of Information Warfare. He initiated the Australian and New Zealand Systems Conference and the Australian Conference on Information Warfare. He has 33 years’ experience in information systems, systems thinking, influence operations and security in government, the oil and finance industries, and academia. He has a PhD from Murdoch University in systems methodologies and has published numerous journal papers as well as authoring two books. Bill is Chair of the West Australian chapter of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).

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