Volume 23, Issue 1 Editorial

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Winter 2024

The staff of The Journal of Information Warfare (JIW) are pleased to announce that we are collaborating with the Information Professionals Association (IPA) https://information-professionals.org/ to develop a new academic publication entitled, The Journal of Cognitive Security (JCS), https://cogsecjournal.com/. This is also an academic double-blind, peer-reviewed publication that will publish four editions per year of cutting-edge papers that cover all aspects of cognitive security. It will address the impact of the increasing volume of information available to anyone, the speed with which information is replicated, spread, and processed, and the ubiquity of telecommunications.

The Journal of Cognitive Security is concerned with influence and protection from influence of large groups of media users and consumers, both online and offline. Cognitive Security focuses on (1) the exploitation of cognitive biases in large public groups, (2) social influence as an end unto itself and (3) formality and quantitative measurement. The journal will include submissions that address the impact of the information environment on human decision making and on societal change and is a sister publication to The Journal of Information Warfare, where our staff will act as Executive Editors/Publishers.

For the latest edition of the JIW, here is the Book Review as well as the papers selected:

  • Book Review: Battlefield Cyber: How China and Russia are Undermining our Democracy and National Security
  • ‘No-one Likes a Cry-Baby’: The Effectiveness of Victimization Narratives in External Information Operations
  • Aspectual Human Performance Variability in Social Engineering Attacks
  • The Theory of Transitional Target Defence: A New Approach to Enhancing Cyber Deception
  • A Case Study for Conceptually Modeling Alternative Exploratory Geopolitical Analysis: What if the REvil Ransomware FSB Arrest Video Was Authentic?
  • The Changing Face of Cyber Crime as a Service: An Australian Perspective
  • Hybrid Cyber Threats: Lithuanian Context
  • Beyond Deepfakes: Synthetic Moving Images and the Future of History

The Journal of Information Warfare continues to be closely aligned with Academic Conferences International (ACI) and their two specific events, that match our portfolio and mission.
We are always looking for new authors and reviewers to collaborate with on future editions. If interested, please reach out to me at leigh@armisteadtec.com, 001-757-510-4574, Dr Leigh Armistead, CISSP, Chief Editor, JIW and Managing Partner, www.armisteadtec.com.


Peregrine Technical Solutions, LLC Yorktown, VA

Dr. Leigh Armistead is the President of Peregrine Technical Solutions, a certified 8(a) small business that specializes in cyber security, and the Chief Editor of the Journal  of  Information Warfare. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy (1984), earned  a  master’s  degree  in Military History from Old Dominion University (1993), and a doctorate in Computer and Information Science from Edith Cowan University (2009). His major field of study is cyber power. He has published three books—all of which focus on the full spectrum of information warfare. He founded the International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security, and the Vice-Chair Working Group 9.10–ICT Uses in Peace and War. He is a retired Naval officer.


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