Volume 10, Issue 2 Editorial

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Welcome to the second issue of JIW for 2011 and the 29th issue overall. The Journal of Information Warfare is committed to an involvement in the wider discipline of information warfare and information operations. This issue considers a range of issues relating to Information Warfare.

This issue has five papers. The paper by Garramone and Likaresh examines the pressing need for security-related educational material in their vision of a Public Repository for Information Security Materials (PRISM) web portal. In particular, the article examines the challenges facing the implementation of a dynamic taxonomy-based content management system. The difficulties of servicing an ever-changing Information Warfare landscape are underscored by the need to provide information in an efficient, functional, and reliable setting.

The paper by Rohret and Kraft presents a step-by-step case study that employs a highly mistrustful approach to remaining anonymous. The paper explains a set of procedures using only open source tools, that considers identity issues born from vulnerabilities in transactions, communications and internet traffic. The paper makes a strong case for a more nuanced understanding of the true “real-time” capabilities of governments in any potential efforts to deploy advanced cyber techniques for the purpose of positive online identification.

The third paper by Flaherty and Green presents a novel model for last minute counter terrorism action. The piece explains a terrorist attack scenario that is examined as a time and action study of the immediate minutes and seconds leading up to a terrorist attack. From this analysis, the authors posit that it is possible to establish ground rules for modelling an approach to the problem, including the deployment of evacuation strategies in public places such as railway stations.

The paper by Ulf Haeussler shows how existing legal and policy frameworks interconnect with the practical aspects of cyber warfare and its associated intelligence functions. The paper analyses the way in which new strategy documents develop and change an existing policy framework, as well as discussing the consequences for any interpretation and application of the law of armed conflict. The paper also explains how new strategy documents inform legal discourse, and support the continued efforts to maintain cyber activities that are lawful and legitimate.

The final paper by Alexandru Nitu looks closely at issues regarding the compatibility between international legal provisions on armed conflict and new forms of warfare. The paper also considers the response issues to long-established legal principles such as National Sovereignty. The paper calls for the drafting of new rules that provide opportunities to rectify translation problems that adversely affect Information Warfare under the Law of War. As such, the issues raised here can be used to give states and their military groups a clear sense of the rules of engagement for the information age.

David Cook
Coordinating Editor


Photo of David Cook

School of Computer and Security Science, and ECU Security Research Institute Edith Cowan University

David Cook is a researcher in the Edith Cowan University Security Research Institute (ECUSRI) and is also a lecturer in security in the School of Computer and Security Science. He obtained an MBA from Murdoch University and is completing his doctoral studies in e-Governance and Human Computer Interactions. David lecturers in security and specialises in e-Governance, Cyber Ethics, Cyber resilience, Counter Terrorism, Money Laundering, and CIP. David was formerly the Manager of the SECAU Security Research Centre and is currently the Chair of the Australian Computer Society.

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