Allan Charles Watt Australia Pty. Ltd., Sydney

Allan Charles Watt, Dip Policing, BBS, MSc (Hons), CFCE, CFE is head of e-forensics at Australia Pty. Ltd. Allan has been an independent computer forensic expert for 14years. Currently, he leads's national e-forensics team and works as a guest lecturer for the University of Sydney. Allan has partnered with some of Australia's most well known corporate, government and legal organisations as well as forensic accountants and liquidators to achieve favourable outcomes. Allan has expertise in: the forensic acquisition, extraction and examination of computers, mobile phones and other digital storage devices providing independent expert opinion and reports at court in all legal practice areas advising corporations on intellectual property and risk management delivering Continuing Legal Education (CLE) or Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminars on e-forensics to a wide variety of audiences. He has been involved in over 800 criminal and civil cases. Prior to his present role, Allan worked as a Criminal Intelligence Analyst for the NZ Police where he was involved in many of the first computer forensic examinations in the country.

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