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Information Operations and Cyber Warfare

The aim of the Journal is to provide a definitive publication that makes available the latest thinking and research in the critical area of information warfare, information operations, cyber crime and cyber warfare. It is published four times a year in traditional hard copy and in electronic format via this web site. The first full publication occurred in September 2001. It is the intention that this journal will present the very best and latest thinking in the information warfare and information operations arena.



  • Volume 14, Issue 1 Editorial

    From the Editor The year 1995 was considered the start of the Revolution of Military of Affairs (RMA) in the United States and in the last two decades, much has changed with respect to Command and Control Warfare (C2W), Information Warfare (IW), Information Operations (IO), and now Cyber Warfare.  Unfortunately there are still significant issues that are unresolved including how ...

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  • Wild Predator Erratic Attacks versus Dynamic Defence

    Abstract: Attacks by lone gunmen in public places have been experienced in schools and universities around the world. These attacks are viewed as isolated acts by individuals with little or no connection to any political or ideological agenda. Additionally, these attackers are commonly seen as having little connection to each other. However, viewed from the perspective of tactics it is ...

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  • Sustainability of the Afghan Law Enforcement and Security Forces: A ‘Wicked, Messy Problem’

    Abstract: Aside from the challenges associated with establishing and maintaining security within Afghanistan, government officials are faced with the additional and equally complex tasks of implementing and maintaining appropriate sustainability measures over the longer term. This paper explores the subject of Afghan security force sustainability using General Morphological Analysis (GMA)—a method that has proven to be highly suited to the ...

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  • Volume 13, Issue 4 Editorial

    January 2015 These papers were selected from a number of outstanding presentations at the 13th European Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security (ECCWS ’14) conducted in Athens, Greece at the University of Piraeus. These eight articles represent a wide breadth and depth of international participation from a number of countries and show a broad spectrum of expertise across a holistic ...

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