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Information Operations and Cyber Warfare

The aim of the Journal is to provide a definitive publication that makes available the latest thinking and research in the critical area of information warfare, information operations, cyber crime and cyber warfare. It is published four times a year in traditional hard copy and in electronic format via this web site. The first full publication occurred in September 2001. It is the intention that this journal will present the very best and latest thinking in the information warfare and information operations arena.



  • The Potential of Collective Intelligence in Online Community Projects

    Abstract: This paper introduces the theoretical model of CI (Collective Intelligence) Potential Index for a scientific discussion. The index will allow users to identify and to analyse conditions that lead online communities to become more intelligent, inclusive, reflective, and safe. The subject of the research is online community projects, which include collective decision-making tools and innovation mechanisms fostering creativity, entrepreneurship, ...

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  • A Study of Perceptions of Graphical Passwords

    Abstract: Depending on the graphical password schema, the key-space can be even bigger than alpha-numeric passwords. However, in conventional passwords, users will re-use letters within a password. This study investigates graphical passwords for symbol-reuse and finds that users do not re-use symbols with the same frequency as conventional passwords. The user-selected key- space for graphical passwords is smaller than theoretically ...

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  • An Information Operations Roadmap for South Africa

    Abstract: The latest arms race can be considered to be information-based, revolving around Information Operations (IO). As with any developing concept, there are innovators, early adopters, and laggards. However, complexities in the constructs of IO result in a number of potential adopters struggling to implement their own brand of IO. A modified Capability Maturity Model is proposed and applied to ...

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  • Volume 14, Issue 2 Editorial

    April 2015 In April 2014, Peregrine collaborated on a special edition of the Journal of Information Warfare (JIW), with every article being written by a serving member of the National Security Agency (NSA) staff. Our staff worked closely with the Information Assurance Directorate (IAD) personnel during a six month period to bring together an exciting issue. Here is a quote ...

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  • The Future of Cyber Operations and Defense

    Abstract: National and economic security of most nations have become dependent on cyberspace. Protection of cyberspace will depend, in part, on successful cyber operations. Cyberspace is the domain in which these operations take place, and it is evolving rapidly, through increased use of virtualization and cloud services, ubiquitous mobility, and the integration of cyber systems into the physical world. To ...

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  • Training Cyber Forces without Warfighting

    Abstract: Collective and individual training for military cyber operations poses challenges not faced by industry, academia, or other governmental areas. The warfighting mission comes with unique issues scarcely dealt with by the modern United States, such as foreign attacks taking place on United States’ infrastructure. As a result, there are limited existing processes to draw upon. Effective training is further ...

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The Journal of Information Warfare is a primary, and rapidly expanding, source of cyber security research, thinking and insight.

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