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Information Operations and Cyber Warfare

The aim of the Journal is to provide a definitive publication that makes available the latest thinking and research in the critical area of information warfare, information operations, cyber crime and cyber warfare. It is published four times a year in traditional hard copy and in electronic format via this web site. The first full publication occurred in September 2001. It is the intention that this journal will present the very best and latest thinking in the information warfare and information operations arena.



  • Cyber Counterintelligence: Back to the Future

    Abstract: It is generally accepted that conventional cyber security generally has failed.  As such, Cyber Counterintelligence (CCI) is fast gaining traction as a practicable approach to secure and advance our own interests effectively. To be successful, CCI should be an integral part of multi-disciplinary Counterintelligence (CI)–conceptually and in practice. With a view to informing sound CCI practice, this paper conceptualises ...

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  • An Academic Approach to Digital Forensics

    Abstract: Digital forensics as a field of study creates a number of challenges when it comes to the academic environment. The aim of this paper is to explore these challenges in relation to learning and teaching theories. We discuss our approach and methods of educating digital forensic investigators based on the learning axioms and models, and we also present the ...

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  • Increasing and Visualising Meme Effectiveness

    Abstract: The Internet provides the ideal platform to disseminate messages which could potentially sway the opinions and behaviour of people. The ease, convenience, and transmission capabilities of the Internet facilitate the seamless transfer and replication of messages at a rapid speed.  Memes are popular ideas, messages, or styles that can be used as narrative networks to create influence. Social networking ...

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  • Volume 13, Issue 3 Editorial

    June was a tough month for the Information Warfare world. I am sad to announce that we lost Dr. Dan Kuehl to an aggressive form of cancer. An innovative and early advocate of IW, he was a long-term professor at the National Defense University in Washington, DC, who developed and taught strategic-level Information Operations (IO) classes starting in the late ...

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  • Analysis and Categorical Application of LSB Steganalysis Techniques

    Abstract: Many tools and methods for steganalysis are prevalent in the research field. While no technique is 100% effective, combining multiple techniques is common practice. Techniques reliant on the same basis are often found to be less computationally efficient when used in combination as opposed to the combined use of techniques in separate categories. It is the goal of this ...

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  • Radio Frequency Fingerprinting through Preamble Manipulation

    Abstract: This paper demonstrates a novel and complementary approach to exploiting physical-layer differences among wireless devices. This research records packets with standard-length IEEE 802.11b preambles using a software defined radio, manipulates the recorded preambles by shortening their length, then replays the altered packets toward the transceivers under test. Five transceiver types from three manufacturers are distinguishable by analysing differences in ...

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The Journal of Information Warfare is a primary, and rapidly expanding, source of cyber security research, thinking and insight.

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